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We all strongly desire beautiful looks and a flawless complexion.

But most of us fall victim to pollution and other factors, and our skin ends up looking dull and lifeless. So what can we do about that in general? A lot. Аnd here are some of the main tips and tricks you need to know:

Mind what products you use on your skin

Skin care ingredients should be even purer than the food we eat because many ingredients can penetrate directly into our bloodstream without first having the chance to be processed by our digestive system.

Drink enough pure water every day

Approximately ½ your body mass in ounces. Start the day with a little fresh lemon juice in warm water every morning. Staying properly hydrated is important for an overall good well-being as well as good-looking skin.

Sleep on your back as much as possible

This will help to avoid overstretching and creasing the skin on your face unnecessarily. It also allows your skin to breath throughout the night. The pillowcase can clog pores and pollute the skin while it should be resting.

Our Light Aloe Moisturizer provides more moisture to make your skin look beautifully radiant. This unique formula with a combination of the anti-oxidants vitamin E and A, along with Pro-vitamin B-5, restores moisture to parched skin. The rich emollient base helps make dullness disappear and helps restore the soft, smooth feel of your skin. The formula absorbs quickly and easily, leaving skin feeling smooth and soothed. For best results, moisturize your face every day.

Why to choose our Light Aloe Moisturizer

Flash absorbing and delivering a rush of nourishing ingredients and hydration that lasts all day.

The light as air finish makes this moisturizer the perfect primer to help makeup set and stay throughout the day.

It's innovative hold and release delivery system holds 1000× hydration and active ingredients.

Skin is left with a smooth, matte and shine-free finish that doesn’t feel sticky or greasy all day.

Light Aloe Moisturizer

  • About our product:
  • Soothes and calms
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Improves surface hydration
  • Normalizes water/oil balance
  • Encourages proper moisture levels
  • Price: € 13.99


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